You Are Beautiful..

Holla all my beautiful friends !..Before going in depth, I want to ask you all ;
Which is the the one color
without which ,you feel,your wardrobe is incomplete??…
80% of you all will say black..
wait..let me tweak the above statement

I have seen many people showing their “judgemental skills” on the basis of color of  the skin.
These regressive aliens resides in our own planet!our own society!
They have an ability “to kill” people’s confidence by commenting on the people’s skin..!
yes and before they invade our mentality lets get united and make our thinking
levels high and unreachable so no such alien could kill us ever!!

We are born with the specific type of nose,specific shape of eyes,etc which suits our body perfectly.
Similarly,we are born with specific tone of our skin which suits our body
perfectly.The wrong belief has been given wings in your society(specially and typically for girls)that  fairer is the skin tone;higher is the beauty level!…
Really!!i mean c’mon ; what has the tone to do with beauty!I don’t  want the people to believe in only “darker shades deeper shades”;
i just want to break the stereotype of the people’s mentality about the darker shade.

All the girls out their, you all are beautiful! Your skin glows and that glow is enough to shine the soul of yours.
Be confident and keep smiling and don’t worry , you will be finding a good boy and that boy is going to feel lucky to have you!
(just because of their color, I know many girls think that am i the right one for my right one?)

Just look at yourself in the mirror ,without thinking of anyone else ,and smile ;have you seen something !
that beautiful girl standing  in front of the mirror , carrying all the shine and killing smile is you you see the magic of your confidence and your smile !
it will make you look and feel more beautiful..
Just believe in yourself !So as for now , the misunderstanding is cleared.

Here comes  the final note to all the regressive aliens out there! c’mon peep ;make some noise!!(unwanted sound is termed as noise ).
C’mon C’mon be louder!!we have the earplugs for every frequency of  noise and now they are fitted in correct position and firmly ;
so better , have a strepsils and warm water ,trust me it’s very effective for a soar throat(and a bitter one too;i guess);
and as suggested by doctors round the world , don’t speak much when suffering from throat infection,it will make your condition worse!


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