Presence Of Individuality In Indian Society


“Wasting your time reading a blog! Padhai nai karni! Aage badhoge nai toh “log kya kahenge”!!…”
I am a proud resident of India but I am really upset and angry at the same time, with Indian Society where the people have still not understood and realized the first letter of the nation “I”.
“I” represents an individual
“I” represents an individual’s space in the society
“I” represents an individual’s thoughts, ideas and virtues.

Major sector of the country comprises of youth whose fresh mentality comprises of plenty of innovative ideas .But the thought of “LOG KYA KAHENGE!!”(What will people say) hinders them to implement their mentality and ideas.

An inseparable characteristic of human is judging. It’s good to judge until that judgement is helpful, needy and necessary for the person who is judging and more importantly for the person who is being judged. Or else, it becomes a jar comprising of crabs, all trying to climb the jar and get out of it but at the same time pulling the other crabs down. In the end, all the crabs finish their last rituals in the jar itself.

The companies though having potential of  earning millions of bucks in  cleaning industries , manufacturing diapers etc. are   considered low profile compared to the job of an engineer promising 10k to 20k rupees per month!

This “mentality” of “LOG KYA KAHENGE”, ceases those which could be billionaire company”, before its formation.

If a bird’s egg will be plated  as  the omelette, one can’t dream of seeing the baby bird grow and soar into  the sky.

Limits are good unless they obstruct expansion of individuals.

“In this era of opportunities and modernization, antediluvian people are not welcomed!!..”

A middle class man thinks of spending his half of earnings and full of savings in the marriage of his boy/girl ,out of the thought that ,what will people say if the “chori” will contain artificial flowers and not the natural one!! Like, seriously! FYI(For Your Information) people, you are not fed for gathering all the vitamins and minerals to improve your gossiping and judgement skills , it’s for making you included in their happiness and making you a part of the celebration..

A hostelite is asked the questions about what he/she do in the hours other than study, that too not only by parents but by the people “caring endlessly” for him/her. These caretakers be the reason of the cancellation of the hostel form, because they induce the thought in parents’ mind “LOG KYA KAHENGE”.

Love marriages are still given a shocked expression and an “Ohhhh” background music though the spouse are “the best” for each other. But again those “fantastic actors” and “marvellous music directors” become the reason of tension and sometimes leads to “divorce before marriage “.

And many many more examples illustrates the fact that unnecessary and baseless judgement of people, hinders the progress of an individual in his/her professional, social and private life. Solution goes in two directions either the people stop judging(time consuming) or an individual stops thinking of the people’s thoughts(which will make him/her odd one out in the society). Both of which should be in proportionate manner so as to give the world more examples of how to successfully break stereotypes.  Charity begins from home. If we will stop judging, only then we can expect the same from the other  people !

Let us ban the abortion of thoughts/ideas .
Let us respect an individual’s space.
Let us respect an individual’s idea.
Let us start minding our own business.!
Let us grow and let others grow.!


  1. Aangi shah “Presence Of Individuality In Indian Society” is a beautiful n wonderfull tought.. I didnt read many blogs but this is best till the date.. And suggesting you to write more blogs n publish in news paper n magazine also.. And Try to write a blog on health awerness also youth need to undersatnd the fitness important in now a days..

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