Childhood : Treasure of memories

Aastha, my little sister, screamed with joy “Rainnn”…

Suddenly I realized my 5  lettered name is not too short if it is called with a melody of joy.

Love for rain has never ended, in fact time increased the love for rain.

Yes, because as  the time passes , the feeling of being nostalgic becomes deeper, brings more tears of craving sadness to go back to that time and endless happiness about how beautifully we lived those moments, hence becoming satisfyingly painful and that’s what love is!

For a minute or two ,

I traveled,

I traveled along with the wind which brought the rain,

I traveled back to my past,

and arrived at my childhood.

I used to have a bunch of crazy people as my friends around me. Ahmedabad was craving for rain and so were the people. Sweat of hard work is totally different from the sweat of sun.

Temperature was high and some students senior to us, who believe that they know science well and had just finished the chapter on pollution,  were discussing that ‘global warming’ is the main reason for the rise in temperature. Little did they know, that God loves to teach humans ,but he has to repeat his course again every year, because with increasing our grades and standards in our school education, we ignore to go to the next level in the school of life & the god being the ultimate and responsible teacher, never fails to follow his duty. He was teaching humans, the feeling of happiness which gets quadrupled after one realizes that what one got, is the thing one wants and needs badly, right now.

 We were all playing indoors and suddenly god misunderstood that humans learned the lesson and spread the black beautiful blanket of clouds on the sky, and announced a day-off in the school and started playing his radio. I picked up the beat of that sound, sound of happiness and screamed loudly “RAINNNNN!!!”..Again 4 letters word was stretched with ultimate joy and happiness and then lots and lots of noise of bigger version of the word started with our feet literally jumping out of the house. We took our bicycle keys and started making noise, played with paper-boats, danced on the songs sung by us, and one of the most fascinating part of monsoon was the peacock who used to sit at the roof of a building exactly in front of my house. Rain was thoroughly enjoyed and it can’t be expressed in words because every time I start writing, I again start traveling  back. Even the sneezes after the rain were totally ignored.

Thank god our mommy’s those days were not over protective for us because they were for sure, protective about our happiness.

 And suddenly again I hear noises “AANGIIII FASTTT,OR ELSE RAIN WILL GO!”.. We went on the terrace, danced, I again become a kid or rather I should say I am never a grown up! Childhood is the most craved time for majority of the people, because there is innocence in enjoying moments, the happiness is pure which does not depend only on how big is the reason of happiness.

 I wish I could go back to my childhood but reality is I can’t. But I can always make that child within me alive.

My question is to parents of this new super human generation. Will you be jealous of your children if they will make more memories to cherish? Or are your children  born with sensitive ozone layer in place of skin ? Or, are your dreams more important than their childhood? Well, you will get your answer if you will make child inside you alive.

Let your children have their own shares of experiences, own shares of memories and their own shares of knowing the righteousness in doing the things in different ways. You just need to make sure that enjoyment is not on the sake of anyone’s else happiness , and it is going to build cherishable memories and no regrets .Because once they will grow up and realize the responsibilities of the world, they will think that their parents snatched away their childhood.

Let us help them making less regrets and more memories, because both lasts forever, one for pain and another for cherishment.

Choice is yours!..

We all can’t go back to our childhood, but we can at least make a child within us alive and we can relive the moments with our children. So all the parents and future parents, don’t snatch away the golden phase of life from your children, it will lead only to a lose-lose situation.

And to one and all : HAPPY MONSOON. This was my childhood memory, and this memory was cherished when it was written, so guys even you can share your childhood memory in the comment below and start reliving those moments!



  1. Child hood is like having a life without any resrtiction n this block helped to remind me that feeling back👌👌👌


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