Tangled neurons!

GOALS are tempting but the temptation comes along with lots of confusions! or rather ” the blank-minded stages! ”

Have you ever experienced, that you are all-set for beginning a successful journey,
but you can’t think of your destination,you can’t decide of taking which road to explore,
the road which will completely utilize your “all-set mood” and make you reach to the unknown but wanted destination!

And when you finally decide of traveling along a particular map, you feel like you are back to square one!

Our brain, is tangled with such thoughts!
And thereafter, our brain starts assuming the road-maps of other people, as their own road-map!

Let me summarize the above situation :
“You are a success-seeker but, back in the mirror of your head, you see yourself as a goal-seeker!
you want a way-out which will satisfy all your needs which are enigmatic even for you!

You see people getting successful and you want that success by any chance,
hence you take up the roads they traveled blindly, maybe ensuring you success,
but still leaving you with discontent!”

And then all the nerves and neurons of your brain are tangled, like a tangled headsets.!

And until the nerves are restored back, you cannot find your ultimate goal!

Just imagine, the wire as nerves and the earplugs as the tiny neuron cells! now you need
to be patient and careful while untangling, and then you just need to fit that neurons(ear-plugs) properly in an area!(ear). Just as you know the perfect position where you can plugin the earbuds(after some attempts for sure), you know the possible explorable areas too..You just need to adjust the plugs properly and then the sound will be clear and melodious!

Homo sapiens, you are called this for a reason,
you have an ability to think,
you have an ability to conclude,
you have an ability to observe,
you have an ability to implement!

Try out on every areas which give you even 20% hope!
Try to explore to the roots and when after reaching roots, if you find the roots damaged,
have the guts to come back again and be all-set in the discovery of next plant(area).
Try to give a kick-start!
Just try,
At-least try!

There may be thousands of beginnings, but the ending will be only one and the beginnings are never in vain, they are just connecting dots, to push you towards
the new one and ultimately the final one!


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