The Real Class!

“Thank-you so much everyone for the gifts. I loved it all”, the growing girl of STD:8th, Aashka, exclaimed with happiness, upon receiving the birthday gifts from her friends and family.

Some foots away, a girl named Sanskriti, stood with the widest smile and folding her hands at the back as if she was hiding something and her smile was clearly expressing the hidden thing was a surprise for her best-friend. Meanwhile, she was the first in the queue, just like being first in academics, sports and dance.

She unfolded her hands at the back, and moved her hands ahead. The gift was nicely and beautifully packed and the packing read a cutting from the newspaper: “SACCHO MITRA (A true friend)”.

Aashka kept her gifts aside and was excited and impatient to unwrap the unique newspaper wrapping and as she opened it, she found those cute little tasseled earrings which were made by Sanskriti. She hugged Sanskriti and rushed to the window of the kitchen.

When the immature “so called grown-ups” like us, rush to the best possible option to find and apply the assets, with us, for converting it into happiness, these rather mature kids apply “the shortest distance” algorithm (mirror was farther from the kitchen glass).

Aashka looked herself in the glass of the kitchen and moved her hands upwards, bended her elbows and placed her fingers near her ears holding and trying on her new tasseled earring. She screamed with extreme joy, “I LOVED IT THE MOST….THANKYOU SO MUCH SANSKRITI!”

They both definitely belonged to the different schools, Aashka from a private school and Sanskriti from a government school;

They both definitely belonged to the different floors, Aashka from the 4th floor, and Sanskriti from the ground floor, where there was a separate room given by the society to the watchman’s family,

and many other things were different between them: socially different things, rather societally different things.

But, these mature kids found the mutuality in the societally different things, and that was the humanly friendship.

They maybe were from the different standards but they both had the same CLASS: –  CLASS of treating all equally.

Their thoughts were Royal and their education was pure and complete.

Well, you all might be in an awe about the word I have used in the description of these girls: i.e.  mature.

But don’t you guys think that, with the growing money, success and age, we lose our maturity, purity and completeness in our thoughts.

I doubt the people who don’t even know the perfect and exact meaning of the word CLASS and use the adjective from of the word CLASS(CLASSY) in their captions in the social media. Either they are hypocrites, or they are not completely educated even with the basics.

CLASS is beyond money, but nearer to the heart,

CLASS is beyond the body, but nearer to the soul,

CLASS is beyond culture, but nearer to the ideation,

CLASS is beyond linguistics, but nearer to the voice,

CLASS is not about differentiation, it is all about integration.

Education does not teach differentiation, it teaches to have the equality and spread the same. And when i see these people, the people who prevent their children from playing or being a friend or studying together with the kids whose parents have a wider gap in the economy compared to them, claiming that with those kids, “their kids will be spoiled, that is not their class!”, well in the first place you are spoiling their thoughts, their definitions and their mature behaviour and secondly i feel these people are helpless, or rather with the degraded class.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the late president of India, excelled in politics and science and he was the one from the government school, he used to sell newspapers, but the caliber in the person does not see the monetary powers, it shines with the talent and the values.

there are ample of examples of such people who have proved the fact that money has nothing to do with the class of people.

money is something like the sand in a hand, it can slip away at any period of time, only some get lucky to keep the hold for a longer period of time..!

if you are differentiating a person from yourself, on the basis of the golden spoon given to you by the birth, then do question yourself, question your hands which are alike the other hands in the purest form, some manicures on it doesn’t at all change the internal functioning and the internal structure of your hand…

and if this thought continues in your head, then doesn’t matter from which high-ratedschool you study, you are miles away from the education, because education teaches you to be humble, broadens your mindset and the helps you to get the better vision, which is just opposite to the narrower mentality of keeping a line amongst the people on basis of the economy.

GROW UP people,


not only in age, success or money, but in the center of all;

grow-up in humanity,

grow-up in mentality…

It’s high time to upgrade your class if you haven’t yet!


  1. Firstly you left me in tears. The way you narrated story ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ .
    N later you explained maturity n class amazingly 👍🏻👍🏻.
    Perfect ✨✨

    Liked by 2 people

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