Strong enough!

Firstly, Happy women’s day ladies!
This blog is dedicated to all those who have been strong enough and have faced or are facing domestic violence! More power to you and power is with you, so don’t face it anymore!

Strong enough

Strong enough to not even blink,
to the shattering of glass into bits!
Strong enough to bear the redness on the cheeks,
and those deep bruises and dark evening treats!

Strong enough to disguise black eye as dark circles,
and not react even a little to those “what can you even do!” evil chuckles!

Strong enough to suffer alone and hide it amongst the four walls,
and faking the happiness on the family calls!

Strong, yes I am, but enough!?
Now enough is enough!
Now, before the glass sees the ground,
I’ll twist your hands and if it shatters,
don’t you dare call it rough!

Redness on my cheeks will give me red eyes,
pushing me to speak,
and then I’ll speak loud,
” save every damn cell of your skin from the society,
or save your skin from turning into dark and helpless red! ”

Now, enough of those deep bruises and dark evenings,
Police complains and then “not-giving-a-damn” harsh hunters will cause deeper wounds
and leave the dark evenings, behind the bars it is always darker nights followed by darker mornings!

Now if my eyes will weep, save your eyes from bleed;
Now you’ll be the one forever slaved and I’ll be the one forever freed!

Now, you better know what I can and what I will do;
enough of hiding, I’ll sue you!

Now you better be strong enough ,
for one day I’ll be stronger and move on!
and you wont be even given a chance for the regret moan!


    • It means a lot, coming from such a strong lady.More power to you 💪 and thanks to ladies like you who have been strong enough 💜!! Thanks for reading this piece..

      Liked by 5 people

    • And really proud of u that u stood up for yourself..Women like you are inspiration and make us all believe the unmatched and unbreakable strength of women.Happy women’s day💜❣️

      Liked by 3 people

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