The evening

Hey you!
I’ve heard that you come everyday in different shades, in different combinations,
You were the date of that seeking soul enjoying a cup of tea on the slightly crooked rooftop,
You were the witness to the flocks of birds trying to recreate the designs of kaleidoscope,
You were there waving a goodbye to the sun,
And you were also there giving a welcome handshake to the moon,
You were there in those classic tracks of Bollywood : “yeh shaam mastaani”,
You were there in those beautiful lyrics :” Sittin’ in the morning sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evening comes “,
You were an inseparable part of the beauty at the sunset points,
You were there, everyday,
Everyone noticed you,
Many captured you,
But I,
I’ve lived you!


    • વડલા ની વડવાઈ ઝાલીને જયારે સાંજ હીંચકા ખાય ત્યારે એહસાસ ના દરિયા માં તો મોટા મોજા જ થાય!
      Thanks 😊

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