Beat the heat

List of things which makes summer cooler, definitely includes ice cream at the top and at our home, we never face a shortage of ice creams! As we humans are there for holding the grudges, freezers are meant to hold the family packs of ice creams!
I took out one family pack, kept it on the kitchen platform and went to the drawers in search of an icecream bowl and spoon.
After almost half a minute of successful search, I came back to my dear cravings-icecream and I found, it already had started melting and I thought, ” Ice creams definitely have a soft corner for summers, it starts melting seeing it ” , but at the moment after I started taking out a scoop of ice cream in my bowl, I doubted my thought.
I saw a piegeon outside the window and got a double thought that maybe the icecream melted, feeling empathetic to the story of that helpless pigeon in the summer.
It might be thirsty, and it might need a cool shower bath, but all it could find around itself was the deadly heat of summer and less melted-at-heart humans!
Meanwhile mom came with this container kind of thing, poured water in it and kept it outside the window. Moms definitely have this selfless and kind heart,
and in a jiffy, a piegeon came and satisfied its thirst and cooled down its feathers.

Reason behind writing this is, we also can keep one or two such containers and fill it with water/grains for birds and surround themselves with the melted humans just like an icecream who can make them feel cool enough to beat the heat..

P.S. : Don’t use grains of bajra in summer, it can lead to blindness of birds in summer.


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