There are:

Second chances,

Great opportunities, 

Multiple possibilities,

Surplus answers,

Another and better day! 

And above and over of all that, there are:

people to care and to be cared,

people to love and to be loved,

people to listen and to be listened!

No matter how much harder the life gets, there are always reasons to live, so find for one and don’t give up ! 

Don’t let your temporary thoughts cause permanent events.

Because you never know that when you try to attempt ending the life, (and)even at the very last secondΒ ;

you might find your answers,

you might find  second chances,

you might find  some great opportunities, 

you might find the reason to live,

And one thing that you will definitely find is the regret of doing it,

for The life is Worth living and definitely not worth ending.

And people, sit, listen, smile and have that gupshups and conversations with the people around you, because they might need you. Be there! 

Let’s prevent suicides,

Let’s eradicate suicides,

Let’s be there and let’s live! 


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