Pre. Script : Imagine yourself speaking this.

Seeing you from sometime now.
Don’t know why but it seems like I have known you from eternity!

Your eyes doesn’t quite looks like mine, but both of our vision are casting exactly the same shadows!

Your, your mouth is totally different from mine, your language to me is bizzare, but it seems like we are speaking the same feelings!

Your eyebrows, naah, that’s also different man, but when my brows goes up, I can show the exact amount of furiosity in you too!

Your ears are definitely not like mine, but man, what is it that we are hearing, catching upon the same frequency and notes everytime !

Your nose, your nose and mine are poles apart, still we can sense and smell the same clues and juice, and that too with same intensity!

Maybe you should come over,
Chuck others, we definitely have the best compatibility we can ever have !
Let’s stay nearer, let’s stay closer,
my dearest and forgotten conscience!

These days, I am finding my company in myself. What about you?

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