About me

Hey guys,!

This is Er. Aangi Shah, following  twin passion of words and philosophy with equal endeavour ! I am kind of person who prefer exclamations over full-stops!I love to connect with people and the mother nature and enjoy the positive vibes from them.I am much of an artistic person, who loves painting, writing, dancing!

This is my space, where I welcome you all to give a read and be a part of it. You will find the content from poems, some societal issues, stories and much more (under construction … :p).

Soon opening a book-review section, wherein you all can be a part of this blog too.If your review match ups the minimum requirements, it will be published on the blog. Send me one on my mail : plewds.1@gmail.com

If you are in love with words and thoughts, follow my instagram page : @plewds